Tourmaline Far Infrared Ray Self Heating Health Waist Belt Support Strap


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Self heating Products is one of the hot products,it has health role and pain relief
The product is suitable for muscle strain, lumbar, Wei Han, dysmenorrhea, abdominal bulge, chills body thermal therapy of embolism
This heating waist support can improve the microcirculation of the waist.Promote fracture healing and improve waist strength
It has a role of adjuvant treatment of the following diseases: hyperplasia or waist arthritis,rheumatoid arthritis,joint sprains,contusions,soft tissue damage,congestion,swelling,pain,vasculitis and so on
Negative ions, far infrared, Germanium, self-heating four-way one, long-term effect
Wear comfortable and beautiful, ready to use, does not affect work, study and life
Without using any energy, reliable, low repair rate
That is markedly heat-based products, no external power and heat

Material: Cotton & Nylon, Tourmaline powder balls, Far infrared rays balls
Length: 92cm / 36.22"
Color: Black, Nude

Note: Please kindly state the specified color you like when you place the order in Paypal. Or we will send the item in random color.

Ideal for:
lumbar spine, stomach persons
Who received less lumbar fat
Dysmenorrhea, cold extremities, cold stomach persons
Standing or sitting for long-term mental and manual workers

How to Use:
The first part of the waist in the middle of heat with a clean wet towel wet, and then directly fixed on the skin surface of the waist. In order to ensure personal safety, so the heat is relatively slow, generally 40 minutes or so to feel a sense of apparent heat, according to each person's physical condition, decided to wear the length of time, if using, the skin a burning feeling is normal, temporarily off. Never will damage the skin, do not rub the wet can also be used, but a longer warm-up time

Package included:
1 x Power Health Belt


Color Black, Color Nude


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