U-shape Pillow Neck Pillow Memory Pillow Health Care Pillow(Pink)


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Ships from Hong Kong. According to the physiological curve of the neck of the body to produce u-shape pillow, suitable for the car, watching TV, taking a nap in the office, no longer hand acid, use more convenient, more comfortable and great care. Neck pillows, let you at ease to enjoy TV movie dinner, the choice of health care products and free office. It helps relieve the tension in your neck and shoulders due to prolonged sitting. Use it on a plane, car, or anywhere you need the extra support for your neck and shoulders. You will definitely like the soft and comfortable feel of this pillow. Helps maintain proper head and neck alignment. U-shape pillow 360 degrees around the neck, in a bumpy journey, help you firmly fixed head and neck to avoid bruising, grasp the scenery of each station and good mood. The U-shape pillow is soft and comfortable, help you strong retainer head neck, get sleepy sweet sleep, the car go, where you sleep, wake up refreshed. Good permeability of open structure, don’t need a breather hole, is the real meaning of independent breathing memory pillow. Size: 28x 28 x 8 cm (L x W x H).